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08-Aug-2017 17:57

"We can confirm Seth Avett and Jennifer Carpenter were married in North Carolina over Memorial Day weekend," a rep for the Avett Brothers explained in a statement to Entertainment Tonight.According to Us Weekly, a source close to the couple noted that the ceremony was "small and private." "They're incredibly happy to be married," they added.He recently auditioned (unsuccessfully) for two movie roles – one as the lead in the Coen brothers' and another in an upcoming film about a jaded rock star, though Scott admits he didn't read the full script until the day of his table read with Anne Hathaway. ' It was obvious to me I was way out of my league." There are roots acts that trade on their outsize (or outlaw) personalities – think Johnny Cash or, more recently, Deer Tick – but the Avett Brothers are not one of those bands.

"It was more about ignoring my current circumstances of being 8 1/2 months pregnant while we were shooting the pilot, and asking everyone else to pretend that stomach wasn't there." When it came to hiding her bump, she's thankful for the production staff.

Now Avett has just revealed, via a message posted on his band's site, that he and his wife are ending their marriage.

He said, "We have been separated for some time," but it wasn't clear if the split had already happened before Avett began seeing Carpenter or if it was only recently that they decided to part ways, which would technically mean the two lovers were having an affair.

On Monday, Carpenter, who keeps her personal life very private, spoke about her pregnancy for the first time while at a TCA panel.

She has a role in the upcoming show Limitless, which premieres September 22, and she revealed that she had a hard time hiding her baby bump.

(one of Fuse's most anticipated projects of the summer, by the way), it's time for you to decide once and for all: Are you a Seth or a Scott?