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Which is of course Gail’s cue to come up and clear her throat and look super mad and awkward. Drue’s mother agrees – on the condition that Joey and Pacey go out on a double date with Drue and some girl that night. Grams comes back as Dawson scoots out the door and Mr. Gretchen asks Pacey what he’s still doing at home, and Pacey says he’s preparing himself for another night of being a perfect boyfriend – a thankless job, for few rewards. Jack jogs up and Tobey says he should have known Jack was the type of person who jogs – the country club family type who probably plays a mean game of tennis.

Said girl is the daughter of the president of the Yacht Club, and she needs Drue to make a good impression. Not that he’s in it for the rewards, by which he means the sex. Rather than talk about it, Gretchen’s friends show up and she’s out the door. Dude, didn’t Jen just tell you last episode that being nice and less of a judgmental dick was a better way to get Jack (or any human) to like you? Turns out Tobey is there to ask for Jack’s help tutoring some inner city kids with literacy issues – after all, Jen told him Jack likes working with kids. Gretchen and her friends show up, but just before they’re about to leave Gail comes downstairs.

Since Pacey and Joey are “the perfect couple” – ACCURATE – she thinks they’ll be a good influence. And oh yeah – there are a bunch of super classist and judgmental remarks thrown in for good measure, but what else is new, am I right? Jack makes a quip about not wanting a repeat of the soccer team incident, and Tobey tells him to “) SERIOUSLY, TOBEY?! She asks where they’re going, and Dawson says they’re going to a concert at a club the next town over.

Jack passes, and Tobey tells them he can meet them at the junior high if he changes his mind. Pacey complains about having to double date, and Joey asks him if he wants her to go on the senior trip. Gail is worried because a.) alcohol and b.) strangers in a strange place, so she puts Dawson on a ‘curfew’ and asks him to be home by .

Recently, we’ve seen Demi go from a confident, attractive 49 year old woman to an anorexic, washed up celebrity who needs to go to rehab.

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Additional support for this year’s luncheon was provided by Verizon Wireless Hopeline. Hartstein, a Manhattan therapist who specializes in treating high-risk children and adolescents.No doubt we’ve all seen the frail and fragile figure of Demi Moore since her split from Ashton Kutcher.Once touted as the great Cougar for her ability to attract the handsome and much younger Ashton, it is now doubtful whether their six year marriage was worth the cost.Of course, Demi is not the first woman who snared a young lover.

Cher did the same in the 1980s when she had a two year relationship with Rob Camelleti – a 22 year old bagel baker who she met on her 40 birthday.Gail asks if Gail is being a bitch at home to, which gives Dawson the chance to try and explain his righteously hormonal pregnant mother, who only wants her paid employees to do her job.