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Advertisement First stop was Gros Morne, a jewel in Canada’s National Park system. The Tablelands are hard to miss — a massive flat-topped, Martian-red protrusion of igneous rock typically found at least 20 miles below our planet’s crust, but which surfaced 500 million years ago as continents collided.Staring at it is akin to peeking at the undersides of a massive uprooted tree; something we’re typically not supposed to see. Frost and fog have been persistent and snow has fallen on several days – …

If you haven't been to Bonavista then this should be your next destination with Bae.

With time to spare and a heat wave to flee, I finally made the journey this past summer with my pup Gingersnap, a wolverine-honey badger mix.

I had a rough idea of where we were driving in our Subaru — to the less-populated western spine of Newfoundland with its surprising bounty of natural wonders and World Heritage Sites.

Unfortunately Trinity Loop is now abandoned but still loved by visitors.

Although the locals think it's a sight for sore eyes, the Loop is still a tourist attraction none the @skihikingtom One of the best spots to get away for the weekend.I never forgot the fictional Quoyle, Proulx’s lovable, down-on-his-luck newspaperman.